Summer has come and is almost gone, which means fall is upon us.  I stay busy during the summer, especially with my students being out of school: summer camp and just having extra time during the week to hang out and do stuff together, plus then factoring time in with Elizabeth and friends. Finding time to write just isn’t a priority, plus I follow so many people on Twitter who have great blogs, I just feel inadequate at times.

But I’ve had a really good week this week, and at some point this week the fire to write reignited in me. This is my blog, and make it whatever I want it to be. If it gets read, awesome. If not, I wrote stuff. And that is what is more important. Maybe I’ll write a few times a week; maybe just a few times a month. But writing has always been important to me, and this is my outlet.

I’ve got a fresh pot of coffee made, Hans Zimmer’s score to Inception playing in the background, a fully charged laptop, and a few ideas to get out in this post. Welcome new readers, and thanks for returning if you’ve been here before!

Without further adieu:


Jason went to the movies!

IT (2017)

You’ll Float Too!

As I tweeted out last night, my own personal Losers Club banded together to go and see IT. We all survived, and none of us were disappointed. I thought the movie was amazing, and easily in my top 5 favorite King adaptations. The cast is great, especially all of the kids. Bill Skarsgard is awesome as Pennywise, the Dancing Clown. It has some beautiful cinematography, and even though it has a running time of 135 minutes it doesn’t feel like a 2 hours+ film at all.  It’s a great adaptation of the novel; trims the fat, but doesn’t skimp on the story at all.  I really hope that they are able to do the same for Chapter Two. Not sure I’ll make it to theaters again to see it, but will most definitely being adding it to my movie collection upon physical media release.

I’ve slowly been reading my way through the Stephen King oeuvre from the beginning over the course of the last 8 years. Happenstance has me reaching IT as the new movie hits theaters. Should be interesting to re-read, since it’s been 20 years since my last visit to Derry.


Jason listens!

As I stated in my intro, when I’m in the office I usually have movie scores playing for background noise. When I started this entry, it was Inception. I’ve since moved onto Zimmer’s Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End score, which is honestly normally what I have on repeat. I’m a big fan of it.

This week I found a box of mixed CD’s I had made, circa 2005-2007, and one of them had a song on it that I have played constantly in the car, office, and home.  Used in the trailer for the Milla Jovovich movie Ultraviolet (which I’ve never seen), Jem’s “24” has been my earworm of the week.



Jason’s Personal Collection!

My first retail job was an almost four-year stint (Jan 2001-Dec 2004) at Blockbuster Video (#RIP), and it was right after I received my first DVD player (Christmas 2000). Because of those four years (plus a 10(?) week stint at the local mom & pop video store liquidation), visiting MovieStop (when it was around), and thrift store visits, I own a some movies that I have never actually seen.  Here are five random titles I pulled to share.


  1. Blue Water, White Death – a 1971 documentary on Peter Gimbil and his crew traveling around the globe in search of the Great White. This one came with it’s history; stored inside the case was the receipt: purchased Jan of 2011 from Food Lion, out of a DVD clearance bin. Paid $2.49 for it.


2. Don’t Say A Word – A 2001 thriller starring Michael Douglas, Brittany Murphy, Famke Janssen, and Sean Bean. I remember my store manager was a big pusher on this film, and I probably added it on during a “Buy 2, get the 3rd title free” sale (or something similar; that happened a lot). Only thing I do recall about this movie is from the trailer, and that’s the “I’ll never tell.” line, which made its way onto the movie poster.


3. Eye See You – (AKA D-Tox) Based upon a book entitled Jitter Joint, this straight to DVD movie looks to have been a Blockbuster exclusive. It has a pretty star-studded cast, which is probably one reason I picked it up. Starring Sylvester Stallone, the cast includes: Tom Berenger, Charles S. Dutton, Sean Patrick Flanery, Dina Meyer, Robert Patrick, Courtney B. Vance, Jeffrey Wright, and Kris Kristofferson. A thriller with a serial killer targeting cops and playing “an extreme game of cat-and-mouse”, I may just move this over to my “to be watched” stack.


4. Frank and Ollie – A documentary Disney produced about Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson, two of their greatest animators.  I’ve probably seen bits and pieces of this, but have never sat down and watched the entirety of it.  I also know where I picked this up at: Disney Movie Rewards point redemption.


5. White Sands – A 1992 thriller starring Willem Dafoe, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and Mickey Rourke. I own this for one reason only: it was filmed in and around White Sands National Park in New Mexico. I was born in Alamogordo, NM, and have fond memories of visiting White Sands with family. I remembering snagging this from Blockbuster when they were running their “trade in your DVDs for credit” promo.


So, that’s a wrap!  i got this entry out of my system; hopefully I keep the fire kindled and continue writing. If you made it this far, thanks for reading!


One thought on “Where I’ve been, where I’m going, and all that’s in between

  1. Glad you loved It! I’m a huge King fan and was very happy with the adaptation. It’s possibly my favorite film of the year so far. 🙂 I hope the next one sticks with unknown actors as I think that worked really well for this film… I’d hate to see big Hollywood stars in the next one.


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