So earlier this week I did a list of my favorite aliens from movies (post can be found here), so it’s only right I do a list of my favorite aliens from TV as well.

Once again, I am omitting any species from Star Wars/Star Trek/Kaiju/Comics, as then the list will just be too long. (With one exception) (also, Kaiju and comics may get their own list eventually.)

Exception: Transformers


Being a child of the ’80s, Transformers was a main staple of my childhood. Saturday morning cartoons, toys, etc. I’m calling this one the exception as 1) I am not limiting my love of Autobots and Decepticons down to one or two characters. That is just too hard for me. 2) I love the characters across all formats of presentation: cartoon/comics/movies (Yes, they aren’t fine cinema. But they also aren’t the worst movies I’ve seen either.) It’s hard not to love Transformers when the wife and I use the quote “You’ve failed me again, Starscream” on a regular basis.

5+1: Kang & Kodos


You really don’t choose one over the other when it comes to Kang and Kodos. They are very much a package deal. I haven’t watched new episodes of The Simpsons in years, but growing up these two were staples of the Halloween specials, and normally my favorite part.

4: The Martians from Sesame Street


Not sure if they have real names in the Sesame Street/Muppet universe, but when I was a kid I called them Yip-Yips. I was always excited to see them appear on Sesame Street, and was more than likely where I began my love for the extraordinary/out-of-this world stuff.

3: Krang


Another character I love from my childhood. Technically he also falls into the comics/movie representation (haven’t seen Out of the Shadows yet, so not sure how I feel about his character there, but I also love his representation in the comics), but my introduction to the character was the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.  Who didn’t think the Technodrome was super awesome? Also, as menacing as he could be on his own, I always loved it when he used the android body to move around.

2: ALF


Another staple of my childhood.  I had an ALF doll that I took a lot of places (and is probably still hanging out in a box someplace; more than likely with My Buddy and My Pet Monster). I’m not sure if we watched ALF regularly, as we lived overseas for most of the time it was on the air, but I do recall having a handful of episodes on a VHS tape that I watched quite a lot. I still watch an episode now and then, thanks to Hulu.

1: Marvin the Martian


Marvin is the first character I remember being obsessed with (even before Batman). I’m not sure when my love for him began, but I had posters, vhs tapes, clothes, etc growing up, and still have clothes with him on it today. Didn’t really matter what short I was watching with him in it when I was younger but I do prefer the ones with Bugs over Daffy (Duck Dodgers) as an adult.


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